Tuesday, April 1, 2008: 10:20 a.m.-11:40 a.m.
River Bluff (Memphis Cook Convention Center)
Innovative Tools for Ground Water Characterization
Although recent decades have witnessed remarkable advances in ground water characterization, researchers continue their endless quest for better methods. As technologies develop and diversify, it becomes more important than ever that those involved in this search have an opportunity to learn from each otherís experiences. This panel invites papers relating to all aspects of ground water characterization in order to provide a broad forum for the exchange of ideas and case studies.
Moderator:Paul Rollins, Willowstick Technologies LLC
10:20 a.m.Geostatistical Characterization of Multiscale Hydraulic Conductivities and Transmissivities
Shlomo P. Neuman1, Monica Riva2 and Alberto Guadagnini2, (1)University of Arizona, (2)Politecnico di Milan
10:40 a.m.A Long-Term Resistivity Experiment Along Vertical Probes: Implications for Time-Lapse Monitoring
Laura Sherrod, Grand Valley State University
11:00 a.m.Plume Stability Analysis: An Innovative Method for Assessing Contaminant Plume Stability
Joseph A. Ricker, PE and Brian C. Laine, EIT, PG, Premier Environmental Services
11:20 a.m.An Integrated Phased Approach for Mapping Salt Loading to the Rio Grande
Jim Stefanov, U.S. Geological Survey WRD

2008 Ground Water Summit