2012 NGWA Ground Water Summit: Innovate and Integrate

Modeling for Groundwater Management and Sustainability

Tuesday, May 8, 2012: 1:10 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
Royal Ballroom E (Hyatt Regency Orange County)
This session will focus on use of numeric and time-series models as predictive tools for management of groundwater resources including conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater. Presentations will include case studies and advances in development of variably saturated models for simulating aquifer recharge including various climate change scenarios, aquifer storage and recovery, and interactions with surface water. Optimization techniques for groundwater withdrawals and sustainable remediation of various contaminants including NAPL will also be presented. The session will include modeling solutions to challenging problems in coastal areas such as submarine groundwater discharge, coastal wetland hydrology, saltwater intrusion, unstable convection, and deep well injection. Most recent advances in modeling flow and contaminant fate and transport in fractured rock and karst aquifers will be presented with case studies from the United States and abroad.
Sorab Panday and Neven Kresic, Ph.D.
1:10 p.m.
The South Platte Decision Support System Alluvial Groundwater Model, Denver, Colorado
Mark McCluskey, PE, CDM Smith ;
Andy Moore, PE, Colorado Water Conservation Board

1:30 p.m.
A New Conceptual Model to Understand the Soil-Water Budget in the Scott River Watershed
Laura Foglia, Ph.D., University of California-Davis;
Thomas Harter, University of California-Davis;
Alison McNally, University of California

1:50 p.m.
Salt-Freshwater Dynamics in a Subterranean Estuary—Simulating the Impact of Tidal fluctuations and Engineering Controls on Contaminant Mass Flux
Raghu Suribhatla, Ph.D., Amec Geomatrix Inc.;
Jeffrey Weaver, Amec Geomatrix Inc.;
Mary Bloes, Amec Geomatrix Inc.;
Kurt Zeiler, AMEC Geomatrix Inc.

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