2016 NGWA Groundwater Summit

Assessment of Surface and Ground Water Quality in Ganaja, Lokoja, North-Central, Nigeria

Monday, April 25, 2016
Confluence Ballroom Foyer (The Westin Denver Downtown)
Ngozi-Chika Chiazor , Department of Earth Sciences (Geology),, Salem University, P.M.B. 1060, Lokoja, Nigeria, Lokoja, Nigeria

The increasing rate in population, poor sanitation habits, flooding and lack of enforcement of environmental Sanitation laws in the study area have contributed immensely to the pollution of water sources. Thus, water samples were obtained from river Niger, hand-dug wells and a bore-hole in Ganaja, Lokoja, north-central, Nigeria for water quality analyses. The hydro-geochemical results showed that the pH values range from 6.70-7.70 indicating alkaline water type. The water hardness of the hand dug wells rage from 7.46 - 241.09 with an average value of 110.30 indicating soft to moderately hard water. The hardness value of sample (HW-S8 = 53mg/l, HW-S9 = 241.09 mg/l, HW-SW10 = 152.87mg/l, HW-S11 = 207.78mg/l, HW-S12 = 155.67, HW-S14 =152.03mg/l, HW-S15 = 150.11mg/l) and the TDS for sample (BH-S1) is 525mg/l, the concentrations of K in HW-SW10 = 13mg/l and Ca in HW-S11= 79.89mg/l. These are all above the WHO admissive limit. The value of the physico-chemical parameters such as the ToC, Ec, BOD, COD, HCO3, CO3, SO4 Cl, NO3 Na, Ca Mg, and the heavy metals including Pb, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and Zn as well as the concentration of TDS, Ca and K  in all other waters samples are within the allowable limits. TDS is linked to taste, hardness, corrosion properties and tendency for incrustation by water. Negative association between water hardness and cardiovascular disease have been observe. Hard water can cause aesthetic problems. An increase K in the blood is known as hyperkalemia appears as reduced renal functions, abnormal breakdown of protein and severe infections. It is advisable that the water be treated against hardness, TDS, Ca and K before consumption or other domestic use..

Ngozi-Chika Chiazor, Department of Earth Sciences (Geology),, Salem University, P.M.B. 1060, Lokoja, Nigeria, Lokoja, Nigeria
Editor-In-Chief, NMGS, Lokoja Chapter and a PhD Student, University of Jos - Nigeria. A graduate of Geology and Mining with M.Sc. degree in Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology with GIS and Industrial Mineralogy/Environment. A research fellow and lecturer with the Department of Earth Sciences, Salem University, Lokoja, Nigeria, with over 13 years of combined experience in industry and academics Proven ability to leverage technology and develop and deliver impactful career related content and industrial solutions. * Proven earth sciences researcher and Contributor, Special Issue on “Integrating Earth Materials, Diet, Water and Human Health, American Journal of Environmental Protection, Science Publishing Group * An individual who have undertaken and successfully completed a number of major and mini projects, and attended various courses and symposia in the general area of “Computer Engineering”, “Geosciences”, Hydro-geology, “Research Methodology” “Agrogeology” and also in “Marketing”. Avid researcher and excellent science communicator with good knowledge of ICT and the ability to integrate knowledge, ideas and skills to solve geologic problems across, research, development, agro business, exploration and production functions in both hard minerals and oil and gas. An individual with international exposure who has piloted several industrial research works in the general area of geosciences and Agrogeology leading to severally research publications in international and national journals and as well, provided solutions to industrial problems. Participant at the international conference and the field work of International Geological Correlation programme (IGCP) Project 606 with the theme “Quest for Pragmatic Solutions to Complex Environment Problems of Small scale Mining (ASM)” where I presented a research paper on environment and health A researcher with Professorial Chair of Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) and Research Professor of Geochemistry at Geology and Mining Department, University of Jos and Professor of Environmental Geochemistry, Mangosuthu University of Technology, Durban, South Africa and The leader of IGCP/SIDA/UNISCO Project 606