Reducing Cost of Groundwater Monitoring Programs

Monday, December 4, 2017: 4:30 p.m.
Farid Achour, PhD , Site Solution and Water Resources, Ramboll, Irvine, CA

At contaminated sites, lengthy environmental clean-ups often involve a long-term program that can be costly. Responsible parties, through their consultants, should consider Cost-Effective Sampling (CES) methods that, in addition to their professional judgment, will tailor the monitoring program to directly support the cleanup and closure of the contaminated site. The objective should be to collect only the data needed to make operational and closure decisions. A successful optimization of a monitoring program should take into consideration, the sampling frequency, analytic methods (temporal domain) and the sampling locations (spatial domain). To undergo such optimization, Ramboll Environ developed a methodology combining the concept of Regional Vector (RV) and multidimensional analyses such as Principal component Analysis, Factorial Discriminant Analysis, Correspondences Analysis and Dynamic Clouds Analysis.

These methods are hypothesis-free, and therefore, unbiased. They can be used to analyze multivariate data such as ground water level fluctuations and water chemistry simultaneously, collected over several sampling events in several wells. The purpose of the analyses is to evaluate the similarity in their temporal and spatial behavior, and then group similar wells according to the degree of similarity in their temporal and spatial behavior. The methodology is not a "push button" solution, but requires that the hydrogeologist or environmental engineer to have a background in statistics to interpret the output.

Farid Achour, PhD, Site Solution and Water Resources, Ramboll, Irvine, CA
Dr Farid Achour is a Senior Science Advisor and Senior Manager at Ramboll Environ in Irvine California. He has a MS in Hydrogeology and a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Besanson in France, he joined the Swiss institute of Hydrogeology for post doctoral researches on water availability in semi arid areas. Dr Achour has 20 years of experience in quantitative hydrogeology and data analysis applied to environmental projects with specialty in geological and hydrogeological characterization and remediation in porous and fractured medias, fate and transport modeling in porous and fractured media, surface water-ground water interaction analysis, and geochemical modeling. Expertise also includes geostatistics, statistics applied to environmental projects.

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