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There is growing interest in understanding groundwater beneath the typical depth limits of today's withdrawals for water supply. Interest arises with respect to shale oil and gas development, carbon sequestration, underground waste injection, locating deep geologic repositories for nuclear waste, and geothermal energy, among other areas. As availability of water for human and ecological uses becomes more critical, there is increased interest in use of deeper groundwater as a resource. The number of deep public water supply wells has increased significantly in the western United States during the past couple decades. Considerable progress also has been made in reducing the cost of desalinization through improvements in membrane technology and reductions in energy requirements. As a result of these factors, there is increasing interest in characterizing groundwater flow systems in deep aquifers and a greater appreciation that deeper groundwater systems are dynamic. Yet, little is known about the hydrogeology and chemical characteristics of our deep groundwater resources.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together investigators from different segments of the hydrogeological community and the oil, gas, and mineral industry that have an interest in characterizing deep groundwater resources. It will be a forum to share ideas on how to characterize deep groundwater, what we currently know, and what we should be doing in the future—with particular focus will be on areas of the United States underlain by sedimentary basins. The conference welcomes abstract submissions on these topics:

  • Methods of exploration and characterization of deep groundwater resources
  • Drilling and monitoring techniques
  • Geophysical techniques
  • Determination of source waters and fluid migration
  • Methods and information available from the oil, gas, and mineral industry to characterize deep groundwater resources
  • Protection of deep groundwater
  • Regulatory issues, concerns, and challenges.

Abstracts must be submitted in sentence form and without bullet points by Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Word limits are 15 words or less for titles and 300 words or less for abstracts.

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