One Loop in Ninety Nine to Go

Wednesday, December 9, 2009: 1:45 p.m.
Dominique Durbin , Durbin Geothermal Inc., Farina, IL
One Loop in Ninety Nine to Go
I.               Site Planning and Preparation
a.       You have the plans for the site, but do you have a plan for the site?
b.      Share the site with other trades
c.       Have your safety programs in place
II.              Equipment, Tool, and Material Acquisition
a.       Know where everything you will use is coming from, and when
b.      Set Your Rig(s) up for the Task at Hand
III.             The Loop is the Product.
a.      Air and flow test every loop before and after insertion on every hole.
b.      Know what it will take to get the loop to the bottom of the borehole.
c.      The loop must be properly grouted.
IV.        Manage the Tie In Process
a.      Prepare materials in advance
b.      Testing as you go
V.                Flush and Purge the Loop Field
a.      Calculating the volume, velocity, and pump necessary
b.      Mixing the Anti Freeze solution
VI.               Clean Up After Yourself
VII.              Be Sure You Are Invited Back for the Next Job
a.      Turn big jobs into big marketing opportunities
b.      Use free press to promote your business’ place in the geothermal industry
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