So This Is Where You Want Us to Drill

Wednesday, December 9, 2009: 1:15 p.m.
Dominique Durbin , Durbin Geothermal Inc., Farina, IL
So this is Where You Want Us to Drill

I.                    Who is working for whom?

a.       Are you working for the HVAC contractor, Building Contractor or Homeowner?

b.      How are on site activities being coordinated?

c.       Who secures which permits?

d.      What has been promised on your behalf?

II.                  Who is responsible for the design and construction of the loop field?

a.       Does the loop pipe sizing match the geothermal heat pump and circulating pumps?

b.      Where is the loop field in relation to other utilities or obstructions?

c.       Are proper setbacks being followed?

III.                What portion of the loop system is your responsibility?

a.       Tie In, inside pipe, flow center connections, and system flushing.

b.      Building Entry and seal,  sleeves,  or under foundation piping

c.        Rough Backfill or compaction

d.      Final Grade and landscape considerations

e.      Future Maintenance of the system

IV.                Why drill here and not there?

a.       Is the site prepared?

b.      What future plans need considered?                                                             a.      Driveways and sidewalks                                                            b.      Swimming pools                                                             c.      Trees                                                            d.      Future Buildings

c.       Is water available on site?

d.      What happens to drill cuttings and spent drilling fluid?

e.      You got in, but can you get the rig out?

f.        Can you pull up 10 or 15 feet and drill another one?

V.                  What are your potential liability and warranty concerns?

a.       Your records are your first line of defense

b.      Do your contracts protect you?

c.       Buried Treasure

d.      Unexpected drilling conditions

VI.                Making it right when it goes wrong

a.       Saving face can be better than saving money

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