Geothermal Diversification Opportunities for Water-Well Drillers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Groundwater Scientists and Environmental Engineers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009: 9:45 a.m.
Todd Giddings, Ph.D., PG , Todd Giddings and Associates Inc., State College, PA
     In this down economy, almost all of us are looking for ways to grow our businesses, in an attempt to just maintain the income level we had before the downturn.  The booming geothermal heat pump industry offers diversification and business growth opportunities to not just water-well drillers.  Suppliers, manufacturers, and groundwater scientists and environmental engineers are also growing their businesses into the geothermal heat pump industry. This presentation will show the many opportunities to grow your business into geo, and will discuss how to take advantage of them.  Specific ways to grow your business into geo will be shown by using examples for water well-drillers, suppliers, manufacturers, and groundwater scientists and environmental engineers.  The growth opportunities are definitely not just for water-well drillers.

     The geothermal heat pump industry is booming because there is a “perfect storm” of factors that are not only causing people to install geothermal heat pump systems in new-construction homes and buildings, but also the same factors are causing far more people to retrofit geothermal heat pump systems to their homes.  The “Perfect Storm” factors that are causing the boom in the geothermal industry include a) today, people want to “go green” and will pay to do so and be proud of it, b) people dread the future high costs of fossil fuels and what it will cost them, and c) the new Federal geothermal commercial and residential tax credits are the final component of the “perfect storm”, because the 30% residential tax credit is a very significant amount of money for homeowners to save when they go geo.  Growing your business into the geothermal heat pump industry is a way to not just survive the economic downturn, but it is a way to grow your business to a volume larger than before the downturn.