Call for Submissions

Groundwater Week remains the premier event for new products, education, and networking in the groundwater industry. NGWA strives to maintain this position and is seeking submissions for its various science-oriented and practical application offerings. Formats promoting technology transfer, scientific studies and data, and innovative tools and techniques include conference platform/poster presentations, workshop/learning sessions, and roundtable discussions. Educational programming is designed to be relevant and benefit all sections of those working in the groundwater industry.

The number of presentation slots is limited for any type of offering. We encourage all submitters to focus on technology transfer, innovation, timely data, and current best practices. Consider proposing content for the seasoned professional as well as the new industry entrant even if only one group is addressed in a single offering.

All submitters must use the electronic submission system and the deadline is May 8, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PT when the system automatically shuts down.

Step 1. Select your primary audience from A or B below.

  • A. Contractors/Pump Installers

  • B. Scientists/Engineers/Academics

Product Demos

A 60-minute guided conversation that explores a specific topic lead by a panel of experts.

New Submissions Closed


A 60-minute instructor lead education class focused on transferring skills and knowledge to attendees.

New Submissions Closed