2016 NGWA Groundwater Summit

Meeting the Critical Deadline While Implementing a Trio of Multi-Million Dollar Remedies: Collaboration Required

Monday, April 25, 2016: 2:40 p.m.
Confluence Ballroom A (The Westin Denver Downtown)
Mark Klemmer, PE , Arcadis, Novi, MI
Scott Murphy , ARCADIS U.S., Inc., Milwaukee, WI
William Parry , CSX Transportation, Inc., Selkirk, NY
Jeffrey Bonsteel , ARCADIS U.S., Inc., Newtown, PA, United States

Project implementation to meet an expedited schedule driven by regulations, access, and contractor coordination is an ongoing challenge for today’s environmental market. The remedial activities completed at the site of a former railyard exhibits successful implementation in an area heavily affected by utilities, multiple regulatory agencies, and a narrow construction window.

Remediation included multiple excavations, installation of a directed groundwater recirculation system over 12 acres of property, and the installation of a large electrical resistivity heating system. The team formed to implement the remediation included three consulting firms and input from the property purchaser’s consultant. Without collaboration, the objectives could not have been successfully implemented within the timeframe.

Construction occurred simultaneously during the Summer/Fall of 2014. At times, more than 100 construction personnel were on-site. The presentation will discuss the logistics of implementing the large remediation effort in a short timeframe. The process began with analysis of federal, state, and city permits and timing for completion of each. The permitting process was initiated while the remedial strategy was finalized. Areas of the site required two, or sometimes three, remediation activities to be implemented. Prior to construction, conflicts were identified and alternate solutions presented to streamline project implementation.

A site-wide construction manager was employed, while each remedial discipline also had an on-site construction manager. Technical teams for each remedial group worked to communicate scope, schedule, and project impacts. Weather delays, contractor coordination, and multi-trade union cooperation required schedule change and planning to meet the timeframe. Sequencing drawings were used to manage contractor progress, giving a visual representation of work, loading, and staging areas, and traffic patterns during construction activities. A comprehensive health and safety program with on-site supervision resulted in zero lost time incidents with over 30,000 man-hours worked.

Mark Klemmer, PE, Arcadis, Novi, MI
Mark Klemmer is a Principal Engineer with ARCADIS U.S. He has particular expertise in the design and implementation of air sparge, SVE, and ISOC technologies.

Scott Murphy, ARCADIS U.S., Inc., Milwaukee, WI
Scott Murphy is ARCADIS Practice Leader for Engineering & Treatment Systems.

William Parry, CSX Transportation, Inc., Selkirk, NY
William Parry is a remediation manager for CSX, managing a variety of projects across the Northeast.

Jeffrey Bonsteel, ARCADIS U.S., Inc., Newtown, PA, United States
Jeffrey Bonsteel is a senior project manager for ARCADIS.