Benchmarking of FEHM Control Volume Finite Element Solver

Monday, December 4, 2017: 4:50 p.m.
101 C (Music City Center)
Shawn Meng, M.Sc. , SoilVision Systems Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Murray Fredlund, Ph.D., PE , SoilVision Systems Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
George Zyvoloski, Ph.D. , Las Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM
Shlomo Orr, Ph.D. , SRK Consulting, Calgary, AB, Canada

The numerical modeling of groundwater and geothermal problems has seen increase in the past few years due to the increase in computational power and software. The size and complexity of solutions attempted has increased as computational abilities increase. Problems with larger number of total nodes, with complex geology involving faulting, as well as coupling of multiple processes are now being attempted. Las Alamos National Labs (LANL) has invested over 50 man-years of effort into the FEHM control volume finite element solver over the past number of decades. The code has been used on US EPA Superfund sites and has results published in various studies and areas. The code allows for complex coupling of processes as well as non-isothermal models to be solved of increased complexity than existing commercial codes. LANL and SoilVision Systems Ltd. have combined efforts to offer a groundwater and geothermal numerical modeling solution that allows solution of larger and more complex models. In order to gain confidence in the combined front end, solver, and back end visualization system, a number of benchmarks have been created in order to document performance. This paper presents the results of benchmarks created to test the performance of the new groundwater and geothermal modeling system. Performance of the system is discussed as well as challenges and hurdles encountered in the collaboration. The ability of the system to scale up to model field-scale systems will be discussed.

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Shawn Meng, M.Sc., SoilVision Systems Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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Murray Fredlund, Ph.D., PE, SoilVision Systems Ltd., Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Dr. Fredlund received his training from the University of Saskatchewan and Texas A&M University and has published over 50 research papers on topics related to database design, finite element modeling, and unsaturated soil knowledge-based systems. In 1997 he started SoilVision Systems Ltd. with a database software product called SoilVision which could be used to estimate unsaturated soil behavior. He has since directed the development of six other finite element software packages covering areas of groundwater flow, contaminant transport, geothermal analysis, air-flow analysis, stress / deformation, and slope stability. The software products of SoilVision Systems Ltd. are used in over 45 countries by consultants, universities, government agencies and multinational corporations. More recent work has involved supervising the development of the state-of-the-art 2D/3D SVSlope slope stability software as well as being a principle investigator in charge of numerical modeling for the Questa Weathering Study which examined the long-term stability of waste rock piles in the mining industry. Recent work has also been related to the development of large-strain consolidation software and its application to uranium, gold, and oil-sand tailings. Work has continued with involvement with dewatering of oil-sand tailings through the application of large-strain consolidation software.

George Zyvoloski, Ph.D., Las Alamos National Labs, Los Alamos, NM
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Shlomo Orr, Ph.D., SRK Consulting, Calgary, AB, Canada
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