Lessons Learned from Development and Implementation of the National Groundwater Monitoring Network

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Robert Schreiber, PE, BCEE, D.WRE, CDM Smith Inc, Newton Lower Falls, MA

The development and implementation of the National Groundwater Monitoring Network (NGWMN) serves as an excellent example of groundwater professionals from all sectors working together toward a common goal and succeeding in the face of government gridlock and significant budget-cutting. This consensus effort also serves as a “working model” for NGWA members who are meeting with legislators and regulatory officials – because of the Local-State-Federal cooperation that is the underpinning of the design, piloting, and implementation of the NGWMN. The persistence, perseverance, and personal commitment of literally dozens and dozens of groundwater professionals led to the passage of federal legislation and appropriation of funding. The back story began with initial calls for nationwide monitoring, including an important NGWA white paper, as well as discussions among representatives to the federal Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI), to which NGWA is an organizational member. NGWA members include NGWMN as a key “ask” every year since the NGWMN was first designed during Congressional visits. It is extremely important for NGWA members to continue participating in the multi-sector, multiple discipline, and Local-State-Federal cooperative NGWMN effort that is an excellent example of how to succeed in the face of government’s lack of action.

Robert Schreiber, PE, BCEE, D.WRE
CDM Smith Inc, Newton Lower Falls, MA
Robert Schreiber is a registered professional engineer with over 43 years of experience in water resource planning and computerized engineering analysis. He graduated from MIT’s Civil Engineering Department where he focused on groundwater hydrology and water resource systems analysis. He is a senior technical leader specializing in modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport, and a company-wide technical resource at CDM Smith. He is continuing his service on the Federal Advisory Committee on Water Information as ASCE’s representative to and co-chair of its Subcommittee on Ground Water, focusing on implementation of the U.S.’s National Ground Water Monitoring Network.

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