Business Efficiencies: Where to Look and What to Consider Greatest Utility

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Jeffrey Williams, MGWC/CVCLD, Spafford and Sons Water Wells, Jericho, VT

We are all aware of the old adage—penny wise and pound foolish. Too often this concept permeates daily business philosophy sacrificing profitability and wise utilization of human, equipment, and tooling resources. Greater business efficiency is more than inventory or time management. This workshop will offer ideas on where to look to improve efficiency in addition to ways to change current operations.

Jeffrey Williams, MGWC/CVCLD
Spafford and Sons Water Wells, Jericho, VT
Jeffrey W. Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, vice president of Spafford and Sons Water Wells, has been employed in the groundwater industry for over 32 years. He has been an officer of the Vermont Ground Water Association for 27 years, serving in all capacities; he is currently serving as treasurer and educational director. Williams has served on the NGWA Safety, Affiliate States, and Rural Water subcommittees. He is currently serving as chairperson for the Government Affairs Committee, a member of the Geothermal Subcommittee, and completing his first three-year term as a Contractor Division and NGWA Board Director.

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