Maureen Dooley

Ms. Dooley has over twenty five years experience in many aspects of environmental industry including project management, research and development, senior technical oversight, remedial design and laboratory management. Ms. Dooley’s current position is the Northeast Region Manager for REGENESIS. She is responsible for managing both sales and technical support associated with REGENESIS bioremediation and chemical oxidation products. As part of her responsibilities at REGENESIS® she has reviewed hundreds of potential projects and provided recommendations for remediation. Much of her work over her career has been focused on the development and implementation of bioremediation programs. Over the past several years, however, she has been focused on chemical oxidation applications at petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon sites. Ms. Dooley has drafted hundreds of project proposals, evaluations and reports related to the feasibility of using bioremediation. In addition, prior experience includes the completion of numerous treatability studies designed to evaluate the biodegradation of a wide range of chemical constituents that include chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, explosives, aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticides.
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