Why Recommend Certified Products?

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

This presentation will explain how Product Certification works for drinking water treatment products. The steps will be explained from the perspective of how they ensure additional value for consumers, including assurance that the products perform as advertised, that they are made with materials which will not leach harmful chemicals into the water, and that they will not develop leaks due to pressure spikes which might be encountered after installation. The presenter will explain how the Certification Body tracks and evaluates changes to the products. The presenter will identify the Standard Development Organizations, and Certification Bodies, and Accreditors who provide oversight of the whole system. The presenter will also explain the accreditation requirements for Certification Bodies which ensure that a process for resolving consumer complaints is in place should a certified product cause safety concerns, leak or otherwise fail to perform as certified. Guidance will be offered on how to identify certified products. Additional insights will be shared on advertising tactics which can be confusing for consumers. For example, what is the difference between independently tested products and certified products? What is the difference between certification to a North American Standard, and compliance with a North American Standard? What does it mean if a product is certified for “Material Safety only”? What are “delineated” claims? Attendees should leave this session with a good understanding of what product certification assures, and why certified products provide additional value for consumers.

Bryanna Poczatek
Technical Affairs, Water Quality Association
Bryanna Poczatek is the Technical Affairs Coordinator at the Water Quality Association. She joined the association in 2016 as an Associate Project Leader in the Product Certification Department. In early 2017, Poczatek transferred to the Technical Affairs department and works alongside Director Eric Yeggy on various technical projects. Poczatek represents the industry as a voting member of the Water Equipment & Policy Research Center Industry Advisory Board, funded through the National Science Foundation (WEP IUCRC). She also participates in numerous industry committees and task forces through NSF International and other organizations. Prior to joining WQA, Poczatek worked as a Project Coordinator for Syngenta Crop Protection LLC and as a Research Assistant in the Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Department at Iowa State University. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biology from Iowa State University.

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