The Oxidation Reaction — Friend or Foe to the Groundwater Industry (#871)

Presented on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You will discover how the knowledge of oxidation reactions in groundwater can be a useful guide in selecting materials for the construction of water wells and corrosion protection systems during this hour-long online presentation.

The reaction of oxidation occurs throughout our world, with results either beneficial or detrimental. Understanding the oxidation reactions that occur in groundwater activities can enhance our utilization or avoidance of these reactions through design, material selection, operation, and control.

The webinar began by defining oxidation and explain common reactions familiar in our daily lives, then move on to discuss the most common oxidation reactions in groundwater — corrosion and disinfection. Various types of corrosion, based on oxidation, will be covered, along with methods of testing and evaluating the corrosion potential.

The oxidation reaction of disinfection will be reviewed from the historical perspective of why we disinfect our groundwater supplies. Common chemicals utilized for disinfection will be covered, outlining the benefits and limitations of each. A discussion of the proper concentrations and controls of the most common disinfection chemical, chlorine, will be provided. Also included in this review will be some nondisinfection activities provided by oxidation chemicals used in groundwater.

The webinar will conclude with a brief explanation of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and an outline of the friend-and-foe reactions seen in the groundwater industry.

Roger Miller
Water Systems Engineering Inc., Ottawa, KS
Mr. Miller holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Central Missouri and serves as a technical consultant for Water Systems Engineering, Inc. Roger has over 35 years of experience in multiple areas of the water industry. His work has involved research & development, project oversight and technical training for source water supplies to finished water transmission and storage. Roger has served on numerous committees within national, state and local water organizations and has published articles in AWWA OpFlow and NGWA Water Well Journal. Roger has participated as a national speaker for American Water Works Association, National Ground Water Association, National Rural Water Association and American Chemical Society.

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