Cable Tool Drilling Webinar, Module 2 (#819)

Presented on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Module 2 of Cable Tool Drilling addresses the factors to be considered after the well has been drilled. By participating in this module, you will better understand:

• Casing installation
• Proper well development and techniques
• Proper well completion
• Documentation.

Roger E. Renner, MGWC, NGWAF
E.H. Renner & Sons Inc., Elk River, MN
Roger E. Renner, MGWC, is president of E.H. Renner & Sons Inc. in Elk River, Minnesota, and represents the fourth of five generations in this family-owned business. Aside from the overall operation of this contracting business, he is responsible for its municipal, large well sealing, and monitoring markets. Renner received a B.S. in business administration and accounting from St. Cloud University in 1971. Active in groundwater industry affairs, he has served as an officer and is a past president of the Minnesota Water Well Association.

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