Reverse Circulation Drilling Webinar (#830)

Presented on Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of the many drilling methods available, Reverse Circulation (RC) may be one of the least understood and under utilized. Its use is steadily growing as contractors better understand its applications and benefits in comparison to other more traditional well construction methods.  

This Webinar discusses:

• The definition of RC
• RC tools and equipment
• Applications of RC drilling
• Comparison of RC to other drilling methods.

Steve Schneider, MGWC
National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation
Steve Schneider is a Master Groundwater Contractor and manages the drilling division of Schneider Water Services. The 70-year-old company operates in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, specializing in large capacity wells and water systems. Schneider is a licensed driller and pump installer and also has a degree in mechanical engineering. He has conducted educational seminars on a variety of topics including well drilling, grouting, standards/guidelines, and components and benefits of properly constructed wells. Schneider is the current president of the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation and primary author of Water Supply Well Guidelines for Use in Developing Countries.

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