NGWA Best Suggested Practice: Water Well Systems Inspection

Presented on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You will learn about the fundamentals of the NGWA-produced industry best suggested practice document Water Well Systems Inspection during this online presentation. Areas covered include:
  • BSP document purpose
  • Definitions
  • Water well systems inspection personnel minimum requirements
  • Well use parameters
  • Visual inspection of other water well systems components and equipment
  • Documentation

Gary L. Hix, PG, RG, CWD/PI
In2Wells LLC, Tucson, AZ
Gary L. Hix, PG, RG, CWD/PI, is the owner of In2Wells LLC. He’s a registered geologist and certified well driller and pump installer. Gary also is past president of the Arizona Water Well Association and he’s chairman of the NGWA Education and Awareness Subcommittee. He has authored many articles on subjects related to well drilling issues for NGWA’s Water Well Journal® and Toolkit.

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