Nontraditional Well Design and Construction Challenges

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This interactive workshop will present design and construction techniques for water wells that are not common in industry. Sometimes ground conditions and technical objectives make life challenging for client, consultant, and drilling contractor alike, requiring nontraditional approaches. You will learn how these following factors can affect the overall operation and why: Groundwater temperature and well construction material selection. What are the design considerations for groundwater wells through deep permafrost, and in shallow high temperature groundwater systems. Design and construction of deep slim hole piezometers and instrumentation, maximizing HQ and NQ size core holes.  Equipment and operations for completion of positive displacement cementation through PVC casing, including simple cementation wellhead and grout shoe design. Although these may not be common well construction issues, they provide an opportunity to push the limits of water well construction and expose attendees to solutions and thought processes that have applicability in everyday operations.

Matt Hartmann, PG
SRK Consulting (U.S.) Inc., Lakewood, CO
Matt Hartmann, P.G. is a Senior Hydrogeologist with SRK Consulting(U.S.) Inc. in Denver, Colorado with over 9 years experience in applied hydrogeology and subsurface characterization at mine sites across North America. His expertise includes well design, drilling operations, and well construction for characterization, production, mining, monitoring purposes. Mr. Hartmann is a graduate fo The Ohio State University, and is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Wyoming.

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