2011 NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Effective Fleet Management
Richard Velletri
Hydrogeology 101
W. Richard Laton, Ph.D., PG
Soil Gas Sampling
Thomas D. Dalzell, CWD
The ESOP Solution
Tom Roback Jr., CEP, QKA and Robert E. Brown

10:15 a.m.-11:15 a.m.

What's New In Renewable Energy Pumping
Alan Bixler and Eric Schriefer

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

How the New Tax Laws Will Affect You
Mark Van Benschoten, CPA

12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Using NGWA’s Best Suggested Practices (BSPs) As Business Tools
Todd Hunter, CWD/PI and Willie P. Arceneaux Jr.

2:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

2:45 p.m.-3:45 p.m.

Using Newsletters to Market Your Business
Michael Price and David Evener

4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

What Was I (Not) Thinking—Homework I Should Have Done Before Starting the Geothermal Job
Jack W. Henrich, MGWC, Scott Fowler, CWD/PI, Alan Eades, CWD/PI and Jeffrey Williams, MGWC, CVCLD

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.

Mike Madigan
Preparing to Earn (or Upgrade) NGWA Voluntary Certification
Gary Henderson, Owner, Ronald Peterson, MGWC, Richard Thron, MGWC and Carl Wood

8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Big Wells—Big Pumps—Big Water
Don Harvard, Christopher Harich, Ph.D. and Rusty Redding, Contractor

9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Wells
Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW
Marketing Your NGWA Certified Status
Gary Henderson, Owner, Ronald Peterson, MGWC, Richard Thron, MGWC and Carl Wood

1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

U.S. COE Session
Ethan Weikel, PG

8:30 a.m.-9:15 a.m.

Deep Monitoring Wells in Thick Mine Spoils
David R. Wunsch, Ph.D., PG

8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Using Different Media to Promote Groundwater
Cliff Treyens and Erik Cadaret

9:15 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Friday, December 2, 2011

8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

How Groundwater Professionals Avoid Potential Pitfalls on Geothermal Projects
W. Richard Laton, Ph.D., PG, Jack W. Henrich, MGWC, Alan Eades, CWD/PI, Jeffrey Williams, MGWC, CVCLD and Lisa Meline
Understanding and Negotiating DOT Issues and Requirements for the Groundwater Industry
Roger E. Renner, MGWC, NGWAF, Elmer Johnson, Trooper and Bob Barton, CVSI

8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

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