Profit Mastery: Using a Unique Financial Road Map and Scorecard to Achieve Guaranteed Financial Performance Improvement

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Those financial statements—the P & L and the Balance Sheet—are not just numbers. They are strategic financial intelligence. And they are not just there to help the CPA “make the profits disappear” at tax time. They tell the story of the business—past, present … and future. Using the “Road Map” and “Profit Mastery Scorecard,” Steve will utilize a case-study approach to guide you through a Profit Mastery Assessment. You’ll find, focus, and fix financial issues to improve profits, cash flow, and bankability. The Profit Mastery approach can be applied by every member and takes you beyond identifying performance symptoms to developing and implementing solutions. Emphasizing the Profit Mastery mantra, “What gets measured gets managed,” attendees will learn how to identify the financial impact of management decisions. If you’ve got FD—financial dysfunction—then this will be “Viagra for your business!”

Steve LeFever
Business Resource Services Inc., Seattle, WA
Steve LeFever, part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, current entrepreneur ¯ and 100% world-class presenter. Steve drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach that makes him the top-rated presenter at virtually every conference he attends.
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