ANSI/NGWA Well Construction Standard: Background, How to Use It, and Future Standards

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The National Ground Water Association Water Well Construction Standard generated in accordance with ANSI procedures for Standards Developing Organizations completed the public comment stage August 1. NGWA is in the process of developing at least one more standard through the ANSI process. This workshop will provide you with information on the consensus process, the scope of volunteer task group input, how standards should be used, and plans for future industry standards.

Todd Hunter, CWD/PI
Boulder GWS LLC, Boulder, CO, United States
Todd Hunter currently owns and operates Boulder GWS LLC, Ground Water Pump Systems, in Boulder, Colorado. His company is a combined group of companies that has been in continuous operation in Colorado since 1969. Involved in the drilling and pump installation for over 32 years, he has completed a diverse range of commercial, domestic, and scientific drilling and pump installation projects in 38 states including adventures in Alaska and the Aleutian chain. He is currently on the board of directors with the National Groundwater Association and the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association and is an active participant in both organizations.
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