What Was I (Not) Thinking—Homework I Should Have Done Before Starting the Geothermal Job

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Geothermal presents a tremendous and timely diversification opportunity for our industry. Like any business segment transition, it requires venturing into new territory even to apply existing skills. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to some of the specific considerations for geothermal jobs through role play. Even if you haven’t done geothermal work before, you really know those are the “details” you should have devoted time, attention, and planning to from the moment you opened the bid package. Now you are on the job site in the middle of the piranha pond. Did you fully read the contract? Did you ask the right questions? What kind of investigation did you do of the site? Did you capture everything in the bid?  How will you handle a dispute or a change? Have I taken advantage of the resources available to me?

Jack W. Henrich, MGWC
Bergerson-Caswell Inc., Maple Plain, MN
Jack has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with Bergerson-Caswell, Inc. since 1968 and is currently its President. His certifications include: NGWA – Master Ground Water Contractor, IGSHPA – Accredited Installer, and IGSHPA/GHPC/AEE – Certified GeoExchange Designer. Mr. Henrich is a member of the Interational Ground Source Heat Pump Association Advisory Council, Secretary of the National Ground Water Association, and Past President of the Minnesota Water Well Association.
Scott Fowler, CWD/PI
Dahlman Pump & Well Drilling Inc., Burlington, WA
Please see Derek Neal on NGWA staff for bio when necessary.
Alan Eades, CWD/PI
Eades Drilling and Pump Service, Hobbs, NM, United States

Jeffrey Williams, MGWC, CVCLD
National Ground Water Association
Jeffrey W. Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, vice president of Spafford and Sons Water Wells, has been employed in the groundwater industry for over 32 years. He has been an officer of the Vermont Ground Water Association for 27 years, serving in all capacities; he is currently serving as treasurer and educational director. Williams has served on the NGWA Safety, Affiliate States, and Rural Water subcommittees. He is currently serving as chairperson for the Government Affairs Committee, a member of the Geothermal Subcommittee, and completing his first three-year term as a Contractor Division and NGWA Board Director.

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