Next Generation Water Treatment - Simple, Eco-friendly, Legal and Good for Business

Tuesday, December 5, 2017: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
201 AB (Music City Center)
Innovations are challenging drinking water treatment methods and changing the industry. Effective treatment is now simpler and smaller with lower maintenance. No need for specialized knowledge, complicated system setup or unbillable follow-up service calls. Many innovations are eco-friendly, they don’t need power, produce waste water and they’re legal where typical systems are restricted or banned. Smaller sized systems fit most anywhere and require minutes per year to maintain. Innovative solutions for well water problems include treatments for arsenic, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and iron bacteria.

Consumers are increasingly aware of water quality and its impacts on quality of life and demanding better water. Today’s $8 billion residential water treatment market is expected to grow to $20 billion over the next few years. Innovations in water treatment make it easy and profitable to tap into growing consumer demand for better water. Opportunity for businesses offering water treatment is outstanding.

DACUM Codes: DOA3, DOB4, DOF5, DOG9, DOL11, PIA4, PIC4, PIC9, PIF8 and PIF9
Gabe Ergler
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