ASR Generation: Generating Power During the Injection Cycle of an ASR Project.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018: 11:00 a.m.
N107/108 (Las Vegas Convention Center)
Kent Madison , 3R Valve LLC, Echo, OR

I will explain the process of generating electrical energy while injecting water during the ASR injection cycle using regenerative drives. I tested and then have been doing this in the worlds first agriculture ASR well and produce about 45 Kw during the injection cycle. This recovered energy has replaced our source water energy cost and reduced the total cost of our ASR project. The technology can be applied to any line shaft or submersible pump system that uses a VFD for the pump motors power source. I will show pictures of the prototype well and the results of the test and the installation of the production well and the equipment that is being used at that well.

Kent Madison, 3R Valve LLC, Echo, OR
Owner and developer of the first ASR agricultural well and owner of 3rvalve llc a down hole control valve manufacture. Prototyped and proved the concept of ASR Generation.