Fred McAninch

The Rig Doctor
Fred McAninch served his county as part of the U.S. Army during a tour of duty in Korea. His ordinance there was that of a heavy equipment mechanic. From December of 1967 through January of 1991, Fred McAninch was employed by the George E. Failing Company of Enid, Oklahoma. His district office was located in Plainfield, Indiana (Indianapolis). Mr. McAninch started out with the company as a district parts manager, and was eventually promoted to District Sales and Service for the Midwest. During his time with the George E. Failing Company, Fred spent five years with the R & D Field development department. In February of 1991, Fred and his wife Joan started up their own company called The Rig Doctor. Their goal was to offer many flexible services to their customers, from simple parts for daily use to complete rig overhauls, restorations, and remounts.