Bruce Manchon , PG

Janeil Environmental Solutions
Bruce Manchon is a California, Nebraska and Texas Professional Geologist with over 35 years of professional experience in the environmental and petroleum industries. He received a B.A. in geology from the University of Colorado and is currently a senior hydrogeologist and owner of Janeil Environmental Solutions in Boulder, Colorado. One of Bruce’s previous roles included several years with as a wireline engineer with Schlumberger Offshore Services and later as a petrophysicist. Bruce is responsible for the technical aspects within the project scope relating to geology, hydrogeology, and remediation; and, for ensuring that the technical objectives of the scope of work are met for a variety of commercial clients. He provides the technical direction for the development of Conceptual Site Models, systematic site characterizations, field implementation of direct push technology (DPT) and borehole geophysics, hydrogeology, and in-situ remediation. His scope of experience includes field investigation; legal support; hydrostratigraphic analysis to assess hydrogeologic effects on contaminant fate and transport; geochemistry; and contaminant recovery for vadose and saturated zone remediation programs. Through his various assignments, Bruce has successfully applied either borehole geophysics or DPT for stratigraphic interpretation and correlation, contaminant plume definition, Class I hazardous waste injection well assessment, production well location design and completion; selection of monitor well location and screen placement, and remedial design and application. Bruce has also conducted workshops and presented papers on geophysical log quality control and effective log interpretation for remediation and site investigations since 1988. He has been utilizing DPT since 1987 and has been conducting DPT workshops since 1991. Bruce is part of a team in Nebraska, Groundwater Solutions Group, LLC, that is dedicated to improving groundwater quality in a sustainable and affordable approach.