Rick Hutchings

Central Mine Equipment Company
Rick Hutchings is a Field Representative for Central Mine Equipment Company, a position he has held for over 34 years. Rick began his employment with CME in December 1984, traveling the United States while demonstrating, testing, and selling CME drilling equipment. He was assigned the lower midwest and gulf regions for the first fifteen years of his tenure, then shifted his travel area to the upper midwest. He presently covers an area that stretches from St. Louis, Missouri to Maine. Over the years, Rick has also coordinated conventions and trade shows for the company, as well as being a presenter and drill demonstrator at many different conferences. Rick holds an associate's degree from Rend Lake College in Illinois and is currently a member of the NDA Board of Directors. Prior to working for CME, Rick was employed by Consolidation Coal Company as an engineers' aide, drill helper, and driller for 11 years.