Carlos Tamayo

Carlos Tamayo is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. He has over 13 years of combined professional and research experience. His master’s project assessed saltwater intrusion in Honduras, with USAID, and it was presented at the 2013 NGWA Conference in San Antonio, TX. Carlos is currently completing a PhD degree in Water Resources Engineering. For his dissertation, he is developing a mathematical-computational toolbox to assess sea level rise and engineering solutions. In 2013, he worked in a NASA-funded project on the application of the DART data assimilation model for a study in the Everglades National Park. Carlos was also a speaker at the 2014 International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling in Toronto, Canada. In May 2015, he was awarded a 10-week accelerator program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, CA. In December 2015, he presented his research at the 2015 NGWA Groundwater Expo in Las Vegas, NV. Before recently moving to AECOM as a Hydraulic Engineer, Carlos was an employee at the City of Miami Beach Public Works Department, where he worked on innovative engineering solutions for adapting to sea level rise. Carlos also worked on developing the City’s hydrological and hydrogeological databases and data automation systems.