Erick Bandala

Desert Research Institute
Dr. Bandala performs research in water quality, water treatment and site restoration. His major experience is in developing countries on the generation and adaptation of technology for the generation of safe drinking water and proper sanitation. Development and implementation of cutting-edge analytical approach to chemical and microbiological water quality is also within his areas of expertise. Specific research interest includes solar driven Advanced Oxidation Processes, assessing the effect of Climate Change on water quality, developing adaptive technologies for sustainable water quality management, water chemistry, stormwater quality and treatment. Further areas of interest are: site restoration, non-conventional energy sources and the effect of water quality on human health. He holds a PH.D. degree in Engineering, M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry and B.Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Bandala is author or co-author of over 100 publications including 68 peer-reviewed papers (average impact factor 2.7, >1530 citations, h-index 22); 5 books, 28 book chapters and 60 works published in proceedings of international conferences. He also possess wide experience working as consultant working with different companies along North and South America.