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Aries Industries, Inc

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Aries Industries, Inc., manufacturers water well inspection products, including cameras, portable systems, winches and complete vehicles. This rugged and reliable equipment is used to acquire clear and easy-to-manage visuals for evaluating and maintaining borehole integrity. Technology-driven products are engineered to provide long life and the performance needed to maximize uptime, productivity and profit. Aries is a U.S.-based company with its corporate office in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Sales, service and parts centers are located in California, Georgia and Ontario, Canada. Aries products are manufactured in the United States.
The Aries Explorer is the most portable and affordable inspection system for depths to 600 and 1200 feet. The Explorer is a single-operator unit for efficiently inspecting and evaluating water wells and other boreholes. The compact system is easily set-up and operated to help detect integrity problems early, reducing costly and unnecessary repairs. A compact 1.75-inch camera facilitates inspection in boreholes from 2- to 16-inch diameter. All components, including the control unit, are mounted on a compact cart for easy maneuvering. Manual Focus and Iris adjustment ensures clear images in difficult lighting conditions. The dual view camera offers 86° wide angle downhole viewing and 360° continuous side view scanning. The forward viewing LED array features adjustable intensities. An optional LED light pod provides inspections in boreholes larger than 16-inch diameter.