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Baski Inc

drilling accessories, environmental, geothermal, packers, valves
Baski is a leading manufacturer of downhole products such as inflatable packers, ASR valves, extra heavy duty pitless units and more for investigating, controlling and producing the earth's fluids. Packers with 100-10,000 psi ratings for 1"—60" holes are manufactured for hydrology testing, hydrofracturing, grouting, multiple completions, etc. Company also manufactures In-Flex flow control valves for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects for all sizes of casing and injection/pumping rates.
Baski, Inc. will introduce a 1-½ inch Aluminum Frac Pipe at the 2017 NGWA Week. The high strength aluminum pipe body, with steel threaded ends, weighs only 27 lbs per 15 ft joint and is available in any length up to 30 ft. The design ensures rapid make-up with a shouldered joint and double o-ring seal and can withstand pulling forces up to 40 ton (80,000 lb). Baski Aluminum Frac Pipe is ideal for hydrofracturing, for packer testing, and as mini drill pipe.
Website: www.baski.com