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East West Machinery & Drilling

bits/hammers, drill rigs, drilling accessories, motors, mud pumps/mud systems
East West Machinery & Drilling are "Meeting Drillers Needs" and committed to providing high quality drill rigs, tooling, support equipment, and machinery to the global market. In Pennsylvania we have a full service refurbishment facility & warehouse, yard with many different models of auxiliary air compressors, mud pumps, engines, generators, machinery, trucks, and parts for resale.
We customize drills and machinery to your specifications for drilling projects. We install RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling systems, DH (Deep Hole) packages, Slide Angle packages with dump mast, and Rod Handling Systems. Custom drill tooling (Adapters, Bushings, Stabilizers, Collars, etc.) for resale. Refurbishment Services Air Compressors & Boosters, Engines, Mud Pumps & Systems, Trucks, GenSets, Support Equipment & Machinery