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bits/hammers, drill rigs, drilling accessories
TH60 PTO Powered Truck Mounted Water Well Drill Rig and the 3062 WellDrill Track Mounted Shallow Water Well and Geothermal Drill Rig, Rock Drilling Tools - Down the Hole Hammers and Bits, PDC Bits, Tricone Bits and the Symmetrix Overburden Drilling System. High Pressure Compressors and Boosters.
Atlas Copco Diamondback. Atlas Copco prides itself in being a leader of innovation and the Diamondback Series is yet another example of this. We have introduced a very modular approach to rig building which ensures the rig is highly configurable both pre and post purchase. We recognize in these changing times our customers may need to modify their rigs to get into different drilling regions or different applications. We have designed a rig that makes it easier for you to adapt to suit your changing demands or simply modify the rig after purchase to meet your preferences. Built to Atlas Copco’s high quality standards, the Diamondback was designed with the latest weight optimization tools enabling us to reduce weight while still maintaining the strength and rigidity our customers expect from an Atlas Copco rig. All this translates into a rig that can handle the rigors of even the toughest challenges.