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GeoPro’s Thermal Grout line of products are the go to solutions for geothermal ground loop installers the world over. Known for their superior handling and consistency by installers and engineers alike, TG Lite and TG Select offer a full range of thermal conductivities and are backed by the support of some the industry's foremost experts in ground heat exchanger design and optimization. PowerTEC is a thermal enhancement compound designed for use with either TG Lite or TG Select and may be used to replace or improve the thermal performance of silica sand thermal grout recipes. PowerTEC is well suited for any thermally enhanced grouting application offering lower mixed viscosities, reduced formation losses, decreased grout weight, and less material required at the job site when compared to traditional silica sand mixes.
PowerTEC is an engineered alternative to silica sand specifically formulated to be field mixed with Thermal Grout Lite or Thermal Grout Select to achieve thermal conductivities ranging from 0.79-1.60 Btu/hr·ft·°F. Use PowerTECx with, or as a replacement for traditional silica sand to lower mixed viscosity, reduce formation losses, decrease grout weight, and to minimize the amount of material required at the job site. BENEFITS -Capable of achieving thermal conductivities up to 1.60 Btu/hr·ft·°F. -Reduces or eliminates the need for silica sand on the jobsite. -Lower viscosity and self-lubricating nature decreases wear on grouting equipment. -Decreases formation losses in fractured and porous formations as compared to traditional thermal grout mixes. -Reduces total freight cost for a project by decreasing the required amount of dry material. -NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified to not contribute contaminants to drinking water that could cause adverse health effects.