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Ideal Clamp Products, Inc

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Ideal Clamp Products, Inc. is the largest and most trusted clamp manufacturer in North America. IDEAL-TRIDON® products include worm drive hose clamps such as the 9/16" Hy-Gear® clamps, No-Hub Couplings, High-Torque clamps, T-Bolts, Heavy-Duty clamps, SMARTSEAL® clamps, WaveSeal 360°® clamps, Strapbinder® Smooth-Seal preformed clamps and Band & Buckles products, and a host of specialty and custom clamp products. Buy clamps from people that know clamps, buy IDEAL-TRIDON by Ideal Clamp Products, Inc.
At Ideal Clamp Products, Inc., routine performance tests are conducted to ensure the highest degree of outgoing quality to our customers. With millions of clamps in service in wells spanning over five decades, the hose clamp that provides durability and reliability with dependability you can count on year after year is the IDEAL-TRIDON® 9/16" band Hy-Gear® all stainless steel clamp. Our 9/16" wide band clamps provide an additional 12.5% sealing surface on pipes and fittings than a clamp with a 1/2" wide band. Double-clamping, which is done in most down-well applications, then provides 12.5% more sealing surface from each clamp. The math speaks for itself. Visit us at booth #928 for more information.