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Nidec Motor Corporation

U.S. Motors® brand ACCU-SERIES™ Variable Speed Solutions for Agricultural Irrigation – Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® Inverter Duty Motors and VFD Pump Panels. SINEWAVE OPTIMIZED™ Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors for constant speed pumping applications.
HOLLOSHAFT® Motors for New DOE Regulations. Beginning June 2016, vertical motors manufactured for use in the United States will have to meet NEMA Premium® efficiency levels. After the new regulations take affect, many pumping applications will still be best served by a constant speed motor. Others will require a variable speed motor. To meet those needs, Nidec Motor Corporation will continue to offer two product lines after June 2016; U.S. MOTORS® brand Inverter Duty and SINEWAVE OPTIMIZED™ premium efficient. Both product lines will meet NEMA Premium® efficiency levels. The Inverter Duty motors are built with features designed to protect against the punishing effects of PWM waveforms generated by inverters. The SINEWAVE OPTIMIZED™ premium efficient motors will provide a lower cost alternative for constant speed applications. U.S Motors® ACCU-SERIES™ VFD Pump Panels U.S. Motors® brand ACCCU-SERIES™ VFD Pump Panels are designed to complement U.S. Motors® brand Inverter Duty Vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motors.