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Yaskawa America, Inc.

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iQpump® Variable Frequency Drive: Yaskawa’s family of iQpump® drives offers a wide variety of package options and the most advanced comprehensive pump and motor protection in the industry, while still maintaining ease of setup and diagnostics designed for pump operators and service technicians. Our integrated pump specific software allows for a wide range of pumping applications from constant pressure, flow, geothermal, multiple pump booster systems to wet well lift stations and many others. As process variables change, iQpump automatically adjusts pump operating conditions to meet system demand, while maintaining pump performance and protection. Our goal is to ensure that the pump is operating at the best efficiency point (BEP) on the curve so that the system produces only what is required, saving energy and decreasing life cycle costs.
Single Phase Converter: Yaskawa’s industry leading Single Phase Converter (SPC) cleanly converts single-phase AC power to DC power for Yaskawa variable frequency drives. The SPC marries Yaskawa reliability and drive technology with motor control solutions for businesses in remote areas. The SPC eliminates the need to oversize variable frequency drives for single-phase applications while reducing distortion to less than 10% iTHD. With lower input harmonics and near unity power factor, the SPC also eliminates the need to significantly oversize transformers in single-phase applications, reducing overall installation costs.