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Well Bubbler

environmental, water level measurement
The Well Bubbler forces compressed air through a tube installed in the well to accurately measure the standing and pumping water levels - the same approach used by well drillers and pump installers. The well level is automatically calculated from the length of the tube and the air pressure, and is shown on the display in feet. The Well Bubbler was developed after years of struggling with hydrostatic, "pressure-type", and acoustic well level sensors. Submersible pump motor wiring and tight clearances cause hydrostatic sensors to snag during installation. Tubine pump motors drip oil into the well, clogging the sensor. The pump can be damaged by "swallowing" the sensor body and wiring, while VFD noise can make pressure sensors unreadable. Splashing water during well recharge, deviated well geometry, and engine noise affect the accuracy of acoustic sensors. The Well Bubbler can be safely installed with all pump and motor types.