Iron Bacterial Remediation

Presented on Thursday, December 5, 2019

This presentation that will take some of the mystery out of well rehabilitation that concentrates on implementing mechanical and chemical rehabilitation techniques most every pump setter or driller that has attempted rehabilitation can do themselves. You will learn about the different bacteria's present in wells, where it is, what you need to do to identify it, then how to treat it including different techniques such as surgeblocking, brushing, water jetting, bailing, airlifting, and chemical applications.

Donald Teeters
Continental Technologies Inc, Little River, KS
Donald Teeters began his career with wells in the oil industry in 1977. He was an owner/operator of an independent oil company until 1995. He began Continental Technologies in 1991 where he is today. CTI is a consulting firm and also manufactures a chemical line used to rehabilitate water wells with scaling and or bacterial issues.

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