Direct Push Logging Workshop

Presented on Thursday, December 5, 2019

The ITRC Advanced Site Characterization Tools Team is currently drafting a Tech-Reg Guidance document for site characterization tools. This document is designed to introduce direct push tools to the “user community.” Members of the ASCT Team have tentatively accepted to introduce the workshop by sharing an update on their work. The balance of the workshop is intended to provide the information and detail end-users really need to make good use of Direct Push tools and data. It will address lithologic logging tools, contaminant logging tools, and groundwater profiling tools.

Wes McCall
Geoprobe Systems, Salina, KS
John Sohl
Columbia Technologies LLC, Rockville, MD
Kevin Van De Vusse, CWD
Dakota Technologies, Juliette, GA
Edward Winner, Ph.D.
Kentucky Division of Waste Management, Frankfort, KY

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