The Multiple Challenges of Unused Wells

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Wells not currently in use create opportunities to contaminate aquifers and thus drinking water. Such a threat exists whether such wells were dug or otherwise properly constructed, and especially if of an unusually large diameter. Unused wells represent both a physical hazard to small children and animals and have the potential to contaminate the homeowner’s current well and possibly neighboring wells. Fortunately, there is a remedy to address these circumstances: proper well abandonment or decommissioning.  You will learn how to negate these various conditions by implementing accepted practice to protect groundwater resources one well at a time.

Richard Thron, MGWC
Mantyla Well Drilling Inc, Lakeland, MN
Richard Thron, MGWC, is currently with Mantyla Well Drilling Inc. in Lakeland, Minnesota, where he began working full-time in 1966. He enjoyed limited ownership in the company from 1973 to 2000 when he became the sole owner.

Thron, an NGWA member since the 1980s, has served on numerous Association committees and taskforces. In addition, he was president in 2015 and is currently a director. Thron has also participated in several panel discussions and seminars as a speaker on DOT-OSHA, safety, air rotary drilling, public education, and other related topics.

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