Three Fields of Science That Can Influence the Life Cycle of a Water Well Geology – Chemistry - Microbiology

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In the process of evaluating factors that will influence the life cycle of a water well three primary scientific endeavors can come into play geology, chemistry and microbiology. 

These three fields are intertwined in the design and placement of a well, the selection of the materials of construction, the efficient operation, the assessment of potential problems and the proper maintenance of a well.  When a well is properly designed, constructed, operated and maintained a longer service life and a more cost effective life cycle can be expected.

This workshop will be presented in the three sections of science geology, chemistry and microbiology by ground water scientist experienced in these fields.

Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW
Water Systems Engineering Inc, Ottawa, KS
Michael “Mike” Schnieders is a professional geologist and hydrologist (groundwater) and senior consultant for Water Systems Engineering in Ottawa, Kansas. His work involves water resource characterization and consulting on well rehabilitation projects. Schnieders and WSE’s work crosses numerous disciplines and fields involving geology, chemistry, microbiology, water resource and watershed management, corrosion control, and water system management. He has served on numerous state and national training programs focusing on rehabilitation and maintenance of water wells and groundwater systems.

Roger Miller
Water Systems Engineering Inc, Independence, MO
Mr. Miller holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Central Missouri and serves as a technical consultant for Water Systems Engineering, Inc. Roger has over 35 years of experience in multiple areas of the water industry. His work has involved research & development, project oversight and technical training for source water supplies to finished water transmission and storage. Roger has served on numerous committees within national, state and local water organizations and has published articles in AWWA OpFlow and NGWA Water Well Journal. Roger has participated as a national speaker for American Water Works Association, National Ground Water Association, National Rural Water Association and American Chemical Society.

Eric Duderstadt
Water Systems Engineering Inc, Ottawa, KS
Eric Duderstadt is an environmental biologist with Water Systems Engineering Inc., of Ottawa, Kan. He works within the firm’s diagnostic and investigative laboratory centering on microbiology and chemistry. The company is a multi-tiered firm which specializes in ground water and surface water applications, industrial heating, cooling and water handling systems, and corrosion analysis and control.
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