Sustainable Removal of Iron Clogging in Boreholes

Presented on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Iron (lll) clogging has been removed with various acids and combinations for centuries. pH-neutral reducers; however, exceed 50 times the dissolving capacity of hydrochloric acid at pH1 in an identical molar concentration. Removal of this iron by acids requires pH-values of <1 before significant amounts are dissolved. By reacting first with other minerals surrounding the boreholes, they cause cavities and irreversible damage. You will learn about a low pressure injection technique that has proven efficiency for decades. The dissolution process is controlled by continuous measurements of conductivity and reaction products. A presented case study will document a sustainable rehabilitation of 37 wells supplying an industrial plan in Germany. Results of previous rehabilitations were more than doubled; saving >70% of the budget.

Päivi Puronpää-Schäfer
Cleanwells, 78628 Rottweil, Germany
Päivi Puronpää-Schäfer, M.A., completed her studies at universities in Finland, France and Germany, is the managing director of cleanwells ®, a company licensed in Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom which specializes in pH-neutral rehabilitation agents, in particular to remove iron(III) and manganese(IV), to remedy the hazardous acidization of water wells and to optimize the technical equipment. Experienced in hydro-chemical well rehabilitation in South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, she masters nine languages.
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