Drilling Fluid Mixing (#869)

Presented on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You will learn why the use of the correct mixing equipment and procedures are vital to proper drilling fluid formulation and full product utilization during this presentation.

Having a drilling fluid program is critical to ensuring the drilling fluid has the correct properties for the project. It’s important you treat the make-up water to remove excess calcium hardness and achieve the optimal pH to ensure the drilling fluid additives yield properly and perform as intended.

This webinar discusses the importance of proper mixing including planning, formulation, equipment, and techniques, and their impact on achieving the full utilization of drilling fluid additives.

Among the topics discussed are the:

  • Importance of a drilling fluid program
  • Importance of pretreating make-up water
  • Correct order of addition
  • Proper design and utilization of mixing systems
  • Importance of a premix tank
  • Safe mixing and handling of drilling fluid products.

Ronald B. Peterson
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, South Jordan, UT
Ronald B. Peterson of South Jordan, Utah, has been involved in the drilling industry for more than 36 years. Hired in 1977 by Baroid Industrial Drilling Products as a field service representative, he has worked in various positions for the company throughout his career including as an account rep and manager, all in the industrial drilling fluids market. Becoming involved in the groundwater and minerals exploration industry in late 1977, Peterson was one of the original team that took the Baroid QUIK-GEL distributor market into the industrial drilling products market.

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