Advances in Remediation Solutions Webinar Series: The New ROI — Return on Investigations by Utilizing Smart Characterization Methods (#883)

Presented on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Discover the fundamental elements of smart characterization and how they compare to conventional investigation practices during this hour-long online offering, which also provides examples of projects where smart characterization demonstrated a significant ROI — return on investigation.

Ongoing innovation and advancement of site investigation methods are transforming the technical approaches and economics of the remediation industry today. Smart characterization methods integrate dynamic, real-time, high-density soil and groundwater sampling with hydrostratigraphic interpretations and permeability mapping in three dimensions. This approach enables real-time classification of the scales of variability that control mass transport and provides a mass flux-based perspective that allows for more effective remedial decision-making.

The take home message is the ROI afforded to the stakeholders is significant reduction in remedial cost and duration. The remedies can be applied surgically to target the flux and address the mass that matters.

After viewing this recording you will be able to:

  • Paradigm shift from "averages" to "high resolution" in environmental investigation and remediation
  • Describe the key elements of smart characterization
  • Develop a strategy for evaluation mass flux through high-resolution characterization methods
  • Describe the key elements of the ROI approach
  • Better understand the concept of digital CSM.

Joseph Quinnan, PE, PG
Arcadis, Novi, MI
Joseph is a Technical Expert (remediation) in the Environment Division of ARCADIS in the Brighton, MI office.

Nick Welty, PG
Arcadis, Novi, MI
Nicklaus Welty, CPG, PG, director of site investigations for Arcadis North America, specializes in dynamic, adaptive, high-resolution site investigations with real-time three-dimensional hydrostratigraphic and plume modeling, and leads the Arcadis-wide training initiative to improve high-resolution site characterization methods for geologic, permeability, and contaminant mapping. He has led the first commercial applications of several advanced site characterization tools and strategies, and has presented internal and external workshops to regulators, clients, and consultants on innovative site characterization strategies and. Welty coauthored the upcoming second edition of Remediation Engineering: Design Concepts, which explores the history and future of remediation.

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