Advances in Remediation Solutions Webinar Series: Cleaning Up a Three-Mile-Long Groundwater Plume — It Can Be Done (#884)

Presented on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

You will learn of the challenges associated with large plume remediation and receive a framework for evaluating and optimizing remediation performance during this hour-long online offering that examines how a three-mile long TCE plume at Reese Air Force Base was cleaned up to MCLs in less than eight years at substantial cost savings after limited progress was made in 20 years prior.

Improvements in characterization techniques have helped unmask the role that “back diffusion” plays in aquifer restoration, allowing a shift to strategies that achieve source removal and sufficient reductions in contaminant flux on a plume-wide basis.

The take home message is that by challenging the previous conceptual site model to critique the existing treatment system, being agile in the implementation of a dynamic groundwater recirculation system to create dynamic gradients, and continually optimizing the treatment system based on the data collected, you can achieve success.

After viewing this recording you will be able to:

  • Paradigm shift from "averages" to "high resolution" in environmental investigation and remediation
  • Describe the key role that stratigraphy has on contaminant transport and aquifer restoration
  • Describe the key elements of adaptive and dynamic groundwater restoration
  • Develop a dynamic groundwater recirculation strategy for your site to overcome back diffusion
  • Differentiate between back diffusion and "very slow advection".

Kelly S. Houston, PE
Arcadis U.S., Inc., San Rafael, CA
Kelly S. Houston, PE, is a principal engineer and associate vice president at Arcadis based out of San Francisco, California. He is a national technical manager who is responsible for the strategy development and delivery of comprehensive groundwater remediation services. Houston has more than 16 years of experience with the company in conducting and leading remedial investigations, clean-up strategies, remedial alternatives analysis, remedial system design, remedy implementation, and operations and maintenance activities for a national and international portfolio of soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Scott Potter, Ph.D.
Arcadis, Newtown, PA
Scott Potter is a technical expert and discipline leader of Hydrogeology for ARCADIS

William Parry
CSX Transportation, Inc., Selkirk, NY
William Parry is a remediation manager for CSX, managing a variety of projects across the Northeast.

Matt Schnobrich, P.E
Arcadis U.S., Inc., Lexington, KY

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