Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies: Nitrogen Species and Reactions in Contaminated Groundwater (#836)

Presented on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gain insight on how the integration of nitrogen geochemistry and isotopes may be used for tracing the origin of nitrogen species and their transformations in the subsurface in this webinar, which is a part of the Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies webinar series*.

Nitrogen represents one of the most ubiquitous and challenging contaminants in groundwater. Both nitrogen-15 and oxygen-18, together with carbon-13, are critical tools to differentiate reaction and attenuation from simple dilution along groundwater flowpaths. This webinar investigates:

• Nitrogen-15 and nitrogen species
• Sources of nitrogen contamination
• Isotopes during carbon and nitrogen attenuation
• Case studies in nitrate and ammonium contamination —
     o Denitrification vs. dilution in agricultural drainage
     o Detecting anammox in contaminated groundwaters
     o Tracing contamination from septic fields
     o Tracing carbon and nitrogen contamination from landfill leachate.

Ian. D Clark, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

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