Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies: Tracing Carbon Sources and Reactions with Carbon-13 and Carbon-14 (#835)

Presented on Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Discover how environmental isotopes may be used for understanding the origin and subsurface history of natural and contaminated groundwaters in the Environmental Isotopes in Groundwater Studies Webinar series*.

This January 2014 Webinar in the series looks at tracers of the carbon system in natural and contaminated groundwaters. Specifically, we examine the use of carbon-13 and carbon-14 to trace carbon as dissolved organic carbon and dissolved inorganic carbon through recharge and subsurface flow, and their evolution during degradation of natural organics and contaminants. Discussed will be:

• Organic and inorganic carbon in groundwater, and their carbon-13 and carbon-14 contents
• Geochemistry of carbon, carbon -13, and the ladder of redox reactions
• Case studies, including —
     o Methanogenesis and carbon-13 in natural and contaminated groundwaters
     o Biodegradation of hydrocarbon and solvent plumes
     o Shale gas and carbon dioxide sequestration
• Sampling and analytical protocols.

Ian. D Clark, Ph.D.
Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

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